Bookkeeping and You with Joe DiChiara

My good friend Joe DiChiara is a CPA /Entrepreneur with SOLID business experience for more Joe DiChiara Headshotthan 30 years. He has worked with thousands of small businesses and specializes in startups and small growing businesses. Joe’s mission is to serve the world by utilizing his experience and God given talents to teach, speak and write on subjects affecting millions of small businesses. Through his Bedrock Bookkeepers Online Academy he covers topics from basic bookkeeping to business exit strategies. His Definite Chief Aim is to help foster entrepreneurship around the globe and provide pragmatic solutions to perceived business obstacles.
Mr. DiChiara believes that anything is possible as long as you have faith and the tenacity to see it through, no matter what. He is a published author, speaker and coach. His new book, From Myths to Money is the first in a series which focuses on the topic of entrepreneurial success.

During our call, we talked about success and mindset, with Joe sharing that he had a major shift in his beliefs, mindset and his business when he studied Wallace T. Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich.”
He now brings that to every conversation, every project and to every interaction with his clients, potential clients and staff. Joe shared that he taught his own mother how to use his program, and has given her the opportunity to earn some supplemental income.

Among the enormous amount of advice Joe offers to small business owners, he suggests these 3 things for increasing your chances of success, that you can do right now:

  1. Focus on what your Passion and Purpose is.
  2. Open yourself up for suggestions…listen to those who have had success before you.
  3. Listen to your gut and keep learning.

Learn the Fundamentals of Bookkeeping that Joe teaches. Go to his site:  hover over Entrepreneurs and click on Fundamentals which will reveal the clickable link to take advantage of the INCREDIBLE offer that Joe has made for Transformational Tuesdays’ listeners. When you get to the cart, type in this coupon code: Transformational  and that $197 course will be yours for just $27! I’m already signed up and looking forward to learning ways to get and keep my books in order! Be sure to listen to the replay of my call with Joe.

Learn more about Joe at, connect with him via email at


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