Teresa Velardi

Leader ~ Author ~ Speaker
Transformational Life Coach and Potter

30434_1380919335552_5670406_nAs a leader and key person with Wake Up Women, Teresa touches lives all over the world.  The Wake Up Women mission brings with it, the opportunity for women to tell their stories in the ongoing series of anthology books.

As the story coach for this series, Teresa works with authors to bring out their message in a way that reflects their heart, their mission and their effect on this changing world.

Teresa’s own writing is published in “Visionaries With Guts”, “Wake Up Women Be You – Spread Your Wings and Fly”, “Journeys Forward” and the Wake Up Women Best Selling Series, “Conversations that Make a Difference”.  She is currently working on 2 books of her own which are focused on living your most Authentic Life and Transformation.

Gratitude and Giving are tops on Teresa’s list of importance. It is in this spirit that she empowers others to live their best life, authentically.

In 1999 having been totally dissatisfied with her own life, Teresa began her journey to her authentic self with a decision to leave an abusive marriage and an unfulfilling position in corporate America. While on her own journey of personal growth and development, this gifted ceramic artist, focused on creating beautiful works of art as a way of connecting back to herself and to God. Her daily writing practice has kept her focused and moving forward as life unfolds before her.

Michelangelo, famous 15th century artist and sculptor has been quoted as saying “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”. His job was to take away the excess stone to reveal the beauty within.

Similarly, Teresa uses the art of pottery making to illustrate that each ball of clay, with the touch of the potter’s hand and a proven system, can and will be transformed into a beautiful work of art.

Through each of her dynamic coaching programs, Teresa will take you on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. First, acknowledging who and where you are now in preparation for personal growth.  Then you will be guided through the process of centering, molding and shaping and walking through the fire of past and present challenges to effect positive life change.  You will be supported all along the way, as you grow in strength; unveiling your truth, recognizing and revealing your greatness and your vibrant, authentic self to gracefully and powerfully embrace the true work of art that you already are.

Committed to making a difference in the lives of others, Teresa consistently creates programs that are focused on abundance and abundant living. Her “Love and Gratitude in a Bowl” project allows people to experience the art of making pottery as well as the gift of giving. Proceeds from this project go to local programs to feed the hungry.

Teresa currently lives in Pennsylvania. Besides creating pottery and writing, she also enjoys spending time with friends & family, volunteering in the community, and is active in her church.

Contact Information:  teresa@teresavelardi.com