Just as the butterfly goes through the process of metamorphosis,
so too do our lives.  There’s only one thing that is guaranteed
in this life…it will change.

We will Change!

Are you looking for positive change in your life?

Are you going through changes and experiencing
the stress that often accompanies it?

Womens Life Transformation ButterflyChange…the one thing we can always count on (whether we want it or not).  All of us experience change.  In fact, change is an ongoing process. It is transformation.

In addition to being a transformational life coach, I am also a potter. The process of making pottery is such a great illustration of transformation. The various stages that the clay goes through will take you on a journey from a ball of clay to a work of art!

I’ve come to believe that personal growth, as well as business growth comes from the willingness to change. At the times when we think life couldn’t get any better, or any more uncomfortable, something happens to bring us to the next level of our growth, and we realize that it all had to unfold exactly the way it did. Everything happens for a purpose, and for the greater good. I believe there is a divine plan for each of our lives. We can either paddle upstream, resisting change all the way, or we can “grow” with the flow.

Dictionary.com defines transformation as “change in form, appearance, nature or character.”  We all have experienced change, I guarantee it. We are no longer experiencing life in the same body that we did when we were 10 or 20 or for some of us, even 40. The experiences of our lives have transformed us in 5 key areas: Physically, Spiritually, Relationally, Emotionally and Financially.

If you are looking for change in any of those areas of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

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